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Only Up is a new and popular project that won the hearts of many people. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the near future there will be a continuation of this fascinating story about achieving your goal.


In Only Up, your main task was to help a young teenager reach the top of the sky. According to the plot, this boy spent his whole life in an unfavorable area of the city. Seeing misfortune and poverty around him, he decided to change his hereafter. For this reason, he needs to get there.

This is a beautiful tale about how a person improves the quality of his existence by his own efforts. It inspires others to take action that will transform their entire future reality. This game has a wonderful morality that can save the surrounding people from suffering.

So fans want to see in the second part an equally breathtaking story about a person fulfilling his dream. Perhaps the background is going to be different, but the essence may remain the same. Together with them, it is possible for you to start this extremely difficult, but necessary path of knowing yourself and the world around you.

Possible Improvements

In the only, at the moment, version, the high-quality and excellent work of the developers is visible. For example, the graphics are incredibly detailed and realistic. It perfectly emphasizes the atmosphere of this product. Landscapes should change the higher you get. The sight is indescribable!

Or character control, which is quite convenient and elementary here. You shouldn’t have any difficulty in moving or interacting with objects. Even if there are errors here that slow down or interfere with the process, there are very few of them, and they are quickly corrected.

Considering how mind-blowing it is now, imagine the potential it has in a few years. Special mechanics may appear, the visual and optimization are going to become even better. Besides, what if it is capable of being installed on any device? Until it comes out, you can only guess about it.

Is It Worth Recommendation?

Absolutely yes! You and your family and friends love it. This project with a cool idea is not up to but causes delight and addiction. So everyone should play it!