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Would you like to someday be high in the sky among the clouds? Sounds magical and completely impossible. You don’t have any special tools to reach there. Nothing but your physical strength. That’s what Only Up is!

Plot And Main Goal

You control a teenage boy who was born and lived for many years in a poor and dangerous area. He wants to vary his reality, so he sets off on an amazing journey. Your task is to get to your destination, but it hides a different, true meaning.

Only Up is not just a parkour game. This is a story about every person who desires to improve their life. It literally shows a change in personality. It teaches you how you are responsible for your life. If you hate something, then you must take action to achieve the desired results.

The boy you manage is always up to looking down and seeing what his existence was like. So you are able to analyze your past, compare with the present. Only then can you make a decision which will change your future.


This piece became wildly successful in a fairly short amount of time! And all thanks to the creators who have made every effort to create a quality product. For example, the graphics look simply mind-blowing because of their realism. The landscapes are beautiful and varied.

There are also some very interesting tasks. In addition to the main goal, you are going to find many unique puzzles which should not let you get bored. The controls and mechanics are really convenient and of high quality, so you will play without problems. Although, a few of them have not yet been fixed.

The soundtracks here are definitely unforgettable and addictive. And references and riddles only cause you want to explore it! But its most important advantage is the complete absence of save points. That’s why it seems so difficult and stressful because you only have one try.


This work of media art really has a chance to win your heart. It has the opportunity to be long or short in time, depending on your success in overcoming obstacles in your path. Moreover, after each loss, you are going to have the opportunity to start over and see the project differently.

When you open it, you instantly find yourself in a fairy tale. The feeling of freedom, strength and success should not leave you until the very end. This product is worthy of your attention and leisure, so don’t miss your chance. If your friends or relatives ask what kind of entertainment to choose, recommend it to them.