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Quality products such as Only Up tend to get updated. In each of them new content appears, annoying bugs are fixed, and some elements are improved. Therefore, you should keep an eye on it to be the first to experience the various features and mechanics. If you’re still curious, hold on reading!

Graphics and optimization

At the moment, Only Up looks simply incomparable because of the beautiful realistic visuals. In this game, your task is to get to the top of the sky. Therefore, the higher you are, the more incredible the views in front of you will be. Be sure to stop and watch it! Rest assured you have made the right decision.

In this case, nothing is going to interfere with your process. Problems with braking and not responding to your actions are practically absent here. Developers immediately deal with any errors found. So it may be insanely hard for you to discover any flaws in this work.

It already looks like a masterpiece, but the creators continue to improve this product. This is the reason why every time you play again, you find something fresh and special here. Thus, the already amazing story about the fulfillment of a child’s dream feels truly magical.

Is This Project Interesting?

Of course yes. You should constantly have to think about how to keep moving, because there are no save points. Because of this, any obstacle becomes a complex puzzle that needs to be solved. Otherwise, you will simply lose, and you may have to start all over again.

However, you don’t have to worry about it all the time, as it has special mechanics that should make it easier for you. And various little things, like addictive music, or convenient controls, only add to its merits. It is immediately clear that the creators responsibly took up their duties.

You and your loved ones are going to adore it without a doubt, so yes. It instantly becomes your favorite. It is really worthy of your money, attention and leisure. This is the best option for entertainment! There is no better project than this! So you have to try it as soon as possible!