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Only Up can be safely called a real challenge for players, because it allows you to find out how fast you are! Interesting? Now more about this masterpiece which will definitely take you a lot of time!

Here you have to navigate through an amazing and rather large location. It is full of various climbs and traps that you have the opportunity to accidentally fall into. Furthermore, it is worth noting separately that it is possible for you to solve various puzzles along the way.

But it is, moreover, important that in addition to the process, there is also a very good plot here. He will definitely be able to immerse you even more in the environment. And not only that, there is also excellent graphics and a soundtrack!

Of course, it is different in that it is based on the principle of high-speed passage of levels. The ability to play it at speed is a real challenge for any player. Therefore, there is a kind of race. You just need to be the fastest. Now the record is twenty three minutes and this is a fantastic and amazing result!

It is necessary to not only dexterity and quick reaction, but also the ability to analyze the route on the go. You must make quick decisions, solve puzzles and riddles in a fast paced way, and avoid traps. And every second spent can be decisive.

This gives the game a unique drive and intrigue, and also increases the value of trying one more time, because it is always possible for you to try to pass the level even faster and set a new record.

Thanks to this mode, it turns into an exciting race against time, where every step, every decision affects the final result. Therefore, think a lot and be careful. Because when you move from one point to another, there are a lot of different obstacles and structures on your long and difficult way. Moreover, they may stop you for sometime if you don’t go over them.